Minna-san! yoroushiku onegaishimasu!

i just create this blog for some reason:
i> since there are many people outside become blogger, so i decided to make one (as i want to knowing as blogger too^^)
ii> want to share some stuff bout hello!project?especially in morning musume and very specially ai takahashi?ok..i make this one ^^b
iii> maybe i will share some story bout my daily life

about myself..
* aichan and i just share year of birth
* red colour fanatic
* one day without momusu’s songs, just feel uncomplete day…so i’ll definitely hear some music from them (even the sound is from my phone calling or msg..of course the ringtone is japanese music!hehe..)
* also like other japanese songs (akb48, aoyama thelma, m.o.v.e, on so on…) but hello!project still in my heart and of course morning musume is no.1!!definetely!
* i like to learn japanese language.since i’ve already learned when still student, i will go further to learn this language all by myself. (and mybe i can help YOU to learn it too..)

*私だって女の子 (watashi datte onna no ko)

i will update next time