I’m not talking posting about our fast month (for the muslim)..yes, today im fasting too but not exhaust yet..(huhu..still) but it was my work in this office. Start in 8.30 a.m, i on my laptop, thinking what work will i do today, but still nothing until now (10.35 am). NOTHING TO DO TILL NOW, RIGHT NOW. my big boss going somewhere <interview..for tendering maybe>..so it’s ok! I still have another boss, she said she’d b going to settle her jobs, so she’ll b going come to work at a little late. then after 10 am, she’s going MC. huaa…i know, that’s mean i have no work to do today. SERIUOSLY! so what am i gonna do?? read others blog. thats my new hobby lately.haha!

<Since i’ve read malay language posting blog, im thinking that im gonna do it one. why?? we can use our language and my accent too (yup, im live, born in terengganu,malaysia, we have our own dialect)…still thinking…>