Muten Musume

Yup, Muten Musume. New unit in Hello!Project. The members are actually Morning Musume members. I don’t know really why this group is create for. That’s just because to promote the culture of sushi only?? Tsunku said, this new unit was created with purpose to promoting the culture of sushi in the world – then the 1st single outcome will “Appare Kaiten Zushi”. Btw, this new unit/single will goes on sale Oct 27.

Each character presenting the type of foods just like as follows:

アイアイ(高桥 爱) - AiAi ( Tamago )

リサ リサ(新 垣 里 沙) - Risa Risa (Anguilla)

エリ(亀 井 絵 理) - Eri Eri (Umeboshi)

サユサユ(道 重 さ ゆみ) Sayu Sayu (Mentaiko)

レイレイ(田中 れい な) Rei Rei (Broccoli)

イカ イカ(光 井 爱 佳) Aika Aika / Ika Ika (Squid)

ジェイ ジェイ(ジュン ジュン) J.J. (Banana)

リリ(リンリン) LiLi (Sandia)