Yatta!!!!! \(^▽^)/

Just now that i knew how to put “flag counter” at the sidebar. before this, i just put at post.huhu…dont know really. (see for the past https://hellozuraida.wordpress.com/2010/04/29/17/ )

So, this is the last before i’ve added the new one of flag counter:

free counters

As i’ve put for this minute, the new counter will be zero 1st. Well, just reporting. I don’t wanna make u guys curiousity and wondering for no doubt (^。^;)

That’s for today. baha~haiii~~~~☆

p/s: Already watched Seishun Collection PV for Type I. Kinda bored but it’s ok. I don’t think this single will b put on my new cd burning.huhu…minna, gomen ne (´▽`; )