ah…ame no furanai hoshi de wa ai shi ai senai darou~♪

raining here…normal then.just it got hard rain..samuiiiii~~

ok,i just wanna share some english songs that i like-> i’ve already burn into cd audio so that i can listening up in my car. yes,i also like english songs.but just recently since i turn to japan songs i got slowly to heard the english songs. like in my phone, my mp3, even in the car im listening japan songs..h!p songs mostly.yup..at my desk in the office too.huhu!!really love them—>>>Hello!Project—–>>>Morning Musume!! (^o^)_b

let me share wut songs to b in this cd.here u r:

1. Bosson – One In a Million
2. Gareth Gates – Too Serious Too Soon
3. Joey McIntyre – Stay
4. Laura Pausini – It’s Not Goodbye
5. Lee Ann Rhymes – How Do I Live
6. Leona Lewis – Better in Time
7. Leona Lewis – I Will Be
8. Leona Lewis – Run
9. Leona Lewis – Take a Bow
10. N`Sync – This I Promise You
11. O-Town – All Or Nothing
12. Rihanna – Russian Roulette
13. S Club 7 – Never Had A Dream Come True
14. Spice Girls – Viva Forever
15. Tata Young – My Bloody Valentine
16. Westlife – I Lay My Love On You
17. Westlife – If I Let You Go
18. Westlife – My Love
19. Westlife – Soledad

haha..yes,mostly are evergreen songs.thats y i said, im rarely listen radio now. this list songs is the best i ever heard, there are some more but no more space.huhu..if guys never heard the title before, just search then download it and listen up. can’t search?muri..or request me (^_^)v

english #1

next project will be h!p songs.hehe..