hmm..since im so long to not update the blog, please apologise me..gomen nasai (^。^;)

i’ve really have a tonne of work to do either at office or at home.. ( ̄∀ ̄)

yes,let me rest in peace since i really do good job at office.hehe.. (^_^)v

ok,since u guys already apologised me (haha..i hope), lets check what im gonna share with u.

result Poll 2010 for Hello!Project group and member already announced! Here the result:

result for unit in H!P result for winners in H!P


result for winners in H!P


I’ve sent 2 as i used another e-mail.but i will show for my close result.for the H!P group, i have chose exactly as in full result.let see the picture below:

my choice for the unit

my choice for the members

but unfortunately, it is hard to pick members in H! i expected before, Aichan gonna be NUMBER 1!

yuhuu..!!! yeaayyy!!! \(^▽^)/

its ok whatever for the result. as u seen, my top 5 is just same in the result,it just not it the same line.huhu.. (^_-)☆

for my top 8, they are only momusu..there is my should going with another members too.since i over of it, so i’ve decided to sent for the 2nd time using another emel.i just give the members only, unit is just the same i chose before.

my 2nd choice for the members

ok, since guys already look for this, let guys just summarize how much i love them.

see ya~♪