Get paid RM1000 to be in Busco’s Music Video

Wanna share something happening in your life through video? You should do that then sharing it here! Who know maybe you’re the one will get RM1000 for the nice music video you creating! Or why not you share your memories photo and submit here too? Come on guys! Let’s do that things up!

This song is about where we are right now as young adults starting out in life. It’s a project that busco is working on with Prudential to help Young adults plan for their future. Submit a photo or video of your life and be in the running to win RM1,000 and be part of busco‘s new music video!

Malaysians only

Do you care enough for your parents? This game will tell you.

My “Bitter Sweet Angel”

Or “Love Chocolate” convert in Japanese “Koi Choco” starring by my angel…Ai-chan!

I don’t know she had a new project acting. Huhu…sorry Ai-chan..forgot bout u for the long time..

Still now…searching this drama to download then watch it all over alone. (Momusu’s fans said there still has no try to pause it once i dont get it….dats y i need to watch it alone)

err..wait..that guy...can he be a real reina's brother?hehe...


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Onna to Otoko no Lullaby Game PV release

Sorry for the lazy update..Hmm..lazy and busy yet. Plus there has no interesting Momusu news for me to update..sorry..!

ok then, i think this is interesting.yuhuuu..! New Momusu single PV already relesase! hehe..i just can’t watch it now since i’m at office (office hour!). so i cant comment it for seriously. but what so confident with me just because all the fans out there like and love this PV.

Ok..enough. Enjoy with this!

*Credit to the owner of this pv Otsukareina07

11th Album – Morning Musume

The next Morning Musume Album’s will be released on sale 1st December this year. The title still not be confirm yet.

*Credit to Konno Asami Blog  for this info ^^,

Morning Musume – 44th single

New single by Morning Musume will be named as “Onna to Otoko no Lullaby Game”,confirmed by Sony Music. It will be release on November 17th.

I don’t know what ‘lullaby game’ is it..translate to it means “Woman and Man Lullaby Game”.curious…curious…

Ai chan have her own blog??

Is it true??YES! IT’S TRUE and posted already. I’m a bit shock once i knew this. Why’d she getting late to have her own blog? (since she have only blog at Inter FM website….and before this blogging at fashionable stage blog site). But it’s ok enough. Maybe this is her birthday present for this year?haha…dunno. So now, just Kamei don’t have her own blog. Hope she will have one soon…hopefully..!

Aichan also use a lot of english word. that is good. just like she wanna communicate with every fans in the world.huhu! just like us, learning japanese language to get near with her, so do her. thats good enough. look..the title of her blog also in english “I am Ai”.

Takahashi Ai Blog